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Gas Appliances - Boilers

Combination Boiler - System Boiler - Megaflow - Heating Engineer/Installer London
Living in Flats or Houses in London will not just tell you the the type of Boiler you require for your home. Rather the size of the house you live in and your lifestyle will determine the type of Boiler upgrade you require. At Gas First, we dont

just install a Boiler for your home but our experianced Engineers in London will advise you on the type of Boiler you require based on your needs and the property you live in. There are two different type of Boilers are mostly installed and the notable is the Combination Boiler (Combi Boiler) which gives you hot water instantaiusly and other is stored in tank which is Known as system Boilers with a Tank (Megaflow).
To retain the warranty all Boiler manufactures required the Boiler to be sericed every year and it is essential to ensure that the Boiler is operating safely and its maximum efficency which in turn saves your energy cost. If the boiler is operating incorrctly is can potentially produce Carbon Monoxide which can Kill.
Any electrical or mechanical appliances are subject to wear and tear and some parts may fail during its operational years. At Gas FIrst, our experianced engineers in London are at hand to diagonse the fault and repair the boiler so that you dont have to worry about hot water.

Gas Appliances - Cookers - Gas Hobs

Freestanding Cooker- Gas Hobs- Range Cookers- Cooker Installer London
Weather replaceing an old Gas Cooker or Putting a New Gas hob in the Kitchen. Always ensure that it is installed by a Qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Installation of a cooker is more than just putting on hose to the Gas line. There are number of tests and safety protocals, that needs to be carried out to ensure safe use of the cooker which is set by the cooker manfacturer. More importantly, it needs to be ensured that there are no Gas Leaks from the cooker connection, which can put yourself and your property in danger of fire. Our Engineers go through all the safety aspects before going ahead with the installation and ensures the safe operation of the appliance.

Gas Appliances - Fires

Fires Breakdown In London- Fires Installation- Landlord Cerrtificate - Heating Engineer London
In the living room fires looks excuisite however they can turn ugly if they are not serviced and checked every year. The old fires uses chimney to get rid of the plume but it essential to ensure that the chinmney are intact and the ventilation in

the rooms are not blocked. We recommend having a CO Alarm in the same room and next to fire as it can produce/leak Carbon monoxide in the room if the chiney fails or the appliance itself is not operating correctly.